Reviews for LoveLive! Wonderful Rush Umi Sonoda Cosplay Costume Dress

Hi guys! Long time, no see. I’ve been very, very busy recently with school and my part-time job. I just finally got the chance to write this up.
So I applied for sponsorship with Cosplay sky a month or so ago since I’ve been buying from them for quite a while and have been generally satisfied with the quality and service provided.
They’re very affordable for me, being a student who needs to save for the impending future, and are all worthwhile the price.
I was very glad when they accepted my application, and naturally, chose to go with Umi Sonoda’s Wonderful Rush cosplay, as it’s something I’ve been wanting for a while. So here’s my review!
Quality: 9/10
The overall quality of this cosplay is very, very good. It’s well-made, and the fabric of most of the cosplay is made out of polyester cotton, I believe? It’s my favourite fabric to have for cosplays because it doesn’t wrinkle too easily, sits well and doesn’t look yucky in photos.
My only critique is a few loose strings, but I suppose that is pretty normal for things that are made in bulk! I just worry for the buttons falling off, that’s all (but that isn’t the first time I’ve had a cosplay with loose buttons – it’s quite common, eheh;;). As always, Cosplay sky’s cosplay quality is commendable and I’m quite happy with what I received!
Accuracy: 9/10
Accuracy is always a difficult factor with cosplay that isn’t made by you. That’s the biggest struggle for me, because I’m practically useless with sewing things from scratch and using patterns.
9 times out of 10 will a cosplay not be 100% accurate when you order it off the internet – that’s my 10 cents worth today! However, Cosplay sky has some of the most accurate cosplays you can get.
I’ve ordered a Chiaki Nanami cosplay and Stylish Energy Rin cosplay from here before and been really happy with the level of accuracy for them, especially Chiaki’s, since there are so many on the internet you look at and just go, ‘…What?’
This cosplay was also pretty accurate. I only gave this a 9/10 – not because I’m stingy, no – but because the fabric they make the sash out of isn’t the best choice. The sash is originally a see-through fabric, however, they used satin, so it doesn’t really suit the outfit as well as it could. This is only a minor problem for me, though, because it isn’t difficult to get your hands on some fabric to make the sash on your own. It’s only minor – and I don’t think many people would mind this slight difference, anyway.
Fit: 8/10
Let me make a point: don’t order a set size if you want your cosplay to fit you exactly. Get a custom size made if you’re really dead-set on it, because ordering one of the ‘free’ sizes means it may not fit as nicely as you want. Make sure you ALWAYS check your measurements before ordering, too!
For me, it’s really a hit or miss with fit. I struggle mostly with skirts (either they’re too big… or too small. Why is there no in between. Why). That was the only issue with fitting this cosplay. The skirt was really loose, so it was too low down and I’d have to roll it. I mean, that can easily be altered – and if you don’t mind that difference, just go for a set size as I do. That was the only issue I had with sizing for this.
Everything else fit pretty well, which is a relief. I know my body proportions are pretty dumb in comparison to the stereotypical, female shape, so I expected something to not fit me too well. Just be aware of that, guys!
Price: 10/10
This costume would usually cost £39.99. To be quite frank with you, most Wonderful Rush cosplays out there usually cost £50+ so this is a good deal. I think it’s worth it’s pricing, since it pretty much exceeds the standards for ‘cheaper’ cosplay, which is why I love Cosplay sky so much. I really do recommend those who can’t afford so much and are looking for a cosplay that isn’t a satin-icky-mess to buy from here, because it’s worthwhile. Personally, I find eBay too risky when it comes to purchasing cosplay; at least I know my products from Cosplay sky will arrive on time!!
Customer service: 10/10
The staff on Cosplay sky, in all my experiences, have always been friendly and informative. If you ever have any questions, or even complaints about their products, it’s always important to email them about it as I’m sure they’d be willing to help out. To be frank, the arrival of this cosplay caught me by surprise as it came quite early! I was told a longer time, however it came within two to three weeks of me applying. Most cosplay from Cosplay sky takes around 1-3 weeks (depending on how much, and whether it’s a wig or costume). Cosplay sky makes things on order so you usually have to wait a week or so for it to process. Shipping is usually fast and costs around $10 (from memory) when you order a cosplay, which is hardly anything when you’re making a large order. I like the price of the shipping because sometimes, things can just get too expensive when you have to pay the product price and like, $30-something along with it. 🙁
Cosplay sky’s customer service, from my experience, has been excellent!
Overall rating: 9.5/10
I hope this review was helpful in your decisions! Please make sure you go like Cosplay sky’s Facebook page, as they always have good deals and giveaways on.
Thank you for reading my review!
(Sorry for the gross photos, I broke out the night before and didn’t get the chance to reshoot. The cosplay isn’t complete, so I only took these photos to show the cosplay off! When it is complete, I’ll get better ones and replace the ones here c: )

Deadpool Movie Review

A super-funny satirical take in the superhero genre and a motor-mouth wisecracking anti-hero, Deadpool is a near-perfect cinematic experience! 


Right from the get-go we know that Wade Wilson is not our average garden variety super hero – he’s blatant with a twisted sense of humor. Deadpool is a movie that is set to take a dig at all superhero films with its tongue in cheek humor and as soon as the curtains lift, we know it takes its “un-serious” identity very seriously. You never know when you’ll get to see another opening scene of similar level of genius as “Angel of the Morning” playing to rolling credits as superhero clichés against a slo-mo gunshot scene next, so you might as well convince yourself that this is going to be epic! We are told a “Hot Chick” and a “British Villain” are in order – like every freaking superhero flick.


So here’s how the plot goes – Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is an ex-mercenary who currently runs errands and takes down goons for a price. He meets Vanessa and the two have a whirlwind romance, till Wilson discovers he has a swiftly spreading cancer. Determined to keep Vanessa out of his worries, Wade volunteers for a rogue experiment that is supposed to treat his cancer and give him superpowers. However, the experiment goes awry when he discovers that the rogue team is set to create super slaves and are unperturbed by their patient’s sufferings. Deformed and scarred after his survival, Wilson takes on the avatar of “Deadpool” as he sets out to seek revenge on Ajax (Ed Skrien) who is primarily responsible for his plight!

With the big scale promotions that the movie had undertaken, and Ryan Reynolds being practically everywhere (be it TV shows or Comic Cons) with his Deadpool mode on – the movie definitely has a lot of expectations riding on it. Especially fans of the comic book series have been intently watching out for it with a certain amount of skepticism that whether or not it will indeed be able to do justice to its source. But, instead of opting for a linear origin story, Deadpool surpasses every expectation with its non-linear timeline and unapologetic approach. It embraces its R rating and doesn’t hold back at any point- neither with the bloodbath nor with the adult humor.


The side characters have been developed strongly as well. X-Men members Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus pitching in to help our hero and not-so-subtle references to Wolverine, establishes the Marvel connection. And, the frequent 90s music inside jokes will definitely make the 90s babies happy! Basically, this movie has something lined up for everyone and 108 minutes of pure edge of your seat humor and action.


We can’t wait for the franchise to catch on after this epic origin story. Deadpool is a sure addition to the superhero obsessions this year – we should be convinced by now that the Deadpool addiction is hard to die down anytime soon. Get your own Deadpool costume at and join in on the bandwagon before the next Deadpool movie hits the screens!