Review for KILL la KILL Ryuko Matoi Cosplay Costume

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Hello readers :

Ready for my second review about a cosplay costume and wig from Cosplaysky!

This time, I want to promote their English website: COSPLAYSKY UK.

The review is about Ryuko Matoi’s cosplay from “KILL la KILL”. Do you like my choice?


SPONSORSHIP PARTNER]: “Cosplay Sky UK is specialized in tailor made costume making, having been in this field for more than 5 years. They have more than 30 tailors and all the costumes you saw online are custom-made. They produce in China, with top sewing facilities, unique fabrications, laces and trims from over 200 resources, but they earned the respect of all their customers, from Japan, to Korea, U.S, U.K, Germany, France, etc..

They have more website stores in foreign languages and, this time, my review is focused on their UK STORE: Cosplaysky UK.



SHOP ONLINE: Cosplaysky UK


ITEM 1: WIG, KILL la KILL Ryuko Matoi Cosplay Wig Deep Blue Mix Red Short Wig

COLOUR: Deep Blue with one red lock of hair. Seems natural, not “shiny”.

STYLE: Like described in photo! ..but it needs editing and restyling: very good resistant fiber for any type of style! Easy editing.

QUALITY: Good. Heat resistant fiber and you can wash them and re-style as you wish!

Hair Fiber:  ★★★★★ 5/5

Hair Density: ★★★★★ 5/5 Very thick

Item as Described/Represented: ★★★★ 4/5 The wig isn’t styled yet, but you can edit it easily.



TEM 2:  COSPLAY COSTUME, KILL la KILL Ryuko Matoi Cosplay Costume

INCLUDES: Top+Skirt+Bow Tie+Breastplate+Suspenders+Gloves

SIZE: X-Small. Chest: 83 cm – Waist: 62 cm – Hips: 86 cm – Height: 155 cm

QUALITY: Good materials. This costume fits perfectly and it’s very comfortable.

Materials: ★★★★★ 5/5 Uniform cloth. Comfortable and practical.

Similarity with the Original Character: ★★★★ 4/5 All perfect. Only the gloves and the breastplate could be better (maybe made in other materials), but they can be edited easily.

Described/Represented: ★★★★★ 5/5 All like illustrated in photos.​​

PROCESSING TIME: On average: 7/12 working days for the processing time after payment received.

SHIPPING: Fast. About 3/7 working days, depends to your country (mine is Italy).


COSTS: Very good price: low cost and good quality!

SELLER/STAFF COMMINUCATION: Professional. Fast and perfect communication.


I chose this costume because I was to curious to play as Ryuko. I know that this character was too “mainstream” in the cosplay world, but this costume from Cosplaysky UK is really one of the best I ever seen in the web and I give up to it. It also so comfortable and it needs only few editings in order to fitting and in order to looking like to the original one, as well as my punctiliousness wants.
The wig is very good: soft, thick and it can be edited in every style easily.
Cosplaysky UK is very fast in processing and shipping time and it has a very kind staff.

This is my first experience with the UK website, but immediately I feel in good communication with the seller.
I hope to keep this long-time sponsorship with Cosplaysky for other times!
Miyu ❤

CREDITS for photos and wig styling: “The Mad Hatter Workshop” (Facebook fanpage), “Samuel Zack MadHatter” (Facebook profile).

Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World


Background: Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- (Japanese: Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 Hepburn: Ri:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu) is a Japanese light novel series written by Tappei Nagatsuki and illustrated by Shinichirou Otsuka. Eight volumes have been published by Media Factory since January 25, 2014 under their MF Bunko J imprint. It has received three manga adaptations. An anime television series adaptation by White Fox began airing on April 4, 2016 with an hour-long special.

Novel Content:

Leaving the Store, ナツキ・スバル was towarding to home , all of sudden he was transported to another world, “Is these the call from Another World in Popular?”.  But there was no caller in front of him,  moreover , he was suffering the rob and soon the life security crisis; At this crucial moment, A mysterious silver-haired half-elf girl and the cart in the form of spirit saved him. In the name of gratitude, ナツキ・スバル volunteered to help the girl find her things.However, ナツキ・スバル and the girl were attacked to death by some body unknown at the moment when they get some clues after a hard work; all the things should be going on in this way , but ナツキ・スバル found himself located in the place where he was transported to another world at the first time, with the ability of “return by Death”, he has rescued the girl successfully after experiencing endless despairs. ”Though you have forgot me, but i would remember you forever”, ナツキ・スバル believed.



Subaru Natsuki (ナツキ・スバル): 18 years old, Junior High School Student, Scared to stay at school.

Transported to the another world by some unknown reason, having the great ability of “return by death” , falling in love with エミリアand レム after endless despairs, spending every effort to protect the lovers.


Emilia エミリア:   The main female protagonist. She is a silver-haired half-elf girl who is one of the candidates to become the next ruler in the royal election. Subaru first meets her when her insignia is stolen by Felt as she needs to possess it to be eligible to participate in the election. She introduces herself as “Satella” when she and Subaru met during the first timeline before introducing herself by her real name when she got her insignia back.


Puck (パック)  :a cat in Gray body hairs, big eyes, pink nose, body in palm size, walking by a pair of feet. Stay together with Emilia every minute, acting as her guardian.


Felt (フェルト ): A 15 years old thief who grew up in a poor village. She steals Emilia’s insignia to sell to the highest bidder.


Rem (レム):  the twin sister of Ram. She still has a full horn, which grants her power. She does the cooking for the mansion, although her ability to clean is better than her sister.Treat the Subaru Natsuki as her enemy ,event with a intention to kill him, fall in love with Subaru Natsuki finally,


Ram (ラム):   the older twin sister of Rem. She lost her powers after her horn had been cut. She does the cleaning and laundry for the mansion. Ram is attracted to her master, Roswaal.


This post is only a brief introduction of the novel, if you have some interests in the novel after reading the post, then do not hesitate to start your journey on reading the novel Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World.

Scarlet Witch Wanda in Captain America: Civil War


A lot of attention has been paid to all the fighting going on in Marvel’s newest film, Captain America: Civil War,  I have wrote a blog to review the film, As a female , today i ‘d like to say sth about the Scarlet Witch Wanda.

Scarlet Witch Wanda BiOgraphy


Scarlet Witch Wanda, her biographic mother is Maria Maximoff, the wife of Magneto, escapes from him while pregnant, for she thought he was mad after losing their first daughter. Maria Maximoff give birth to twins, Wanda and Pietro,The Elder God Chthon altered Wanda at birth and gave her the ability to use magic in addition to her mutant abilities, planning to use her as a vessel when her powers reached maturity. Fearing that Magnus would discover the children, Magda leaves the sanctuary after noting to the Bova and supposedly dies of exposure to the elements,The High Evolutionary places the twins instead in the care of the Romani Django and Marya Maximoff, they brought up them else where instead of some certain place, that they did not remember them until well into their adult lives.

Main Experience:

The Scarlet Witch Wanda and Quicksilver used to attend the Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants , but they felt disappointed for all the things Magneto have done, Soon after Magneto’s abduction, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch join the Avengers. Along with Captain America as leader, and former villain Hawkeye, the four become the second generation of the Avengers and are later dubbed as “Cap’s Kooky Quartet”.


The Scarlet Witch Wanda’s husband vision was a Robert, she wants to have a child, but obviously her husband as Robert are unable help her.

Wanda in despair twisted her desire of happiness in subconscious into fantasy, she actually conceived the children using magic.

It was extremely dangerous for other Avengers when the abnormal psychological fluctuations happened in the Omega-level mutant, the avengers got out of control because of unable to locate the spirit of interference from Wanda.

Wanda’s first spirit breakdown led to the dissolution of the Avengers directly ,

Ant-man, Hawkeye and vision have died in the accident, the second breakdown turned the whole world into utopia, the direct result was the mutant population plummeted from one million to 182 people.

As a female, Wanda is weak, all she wanted was a normal family. But as a mutant, his ability was not getting from the Savvy, she would hurt the innocents for sure one getting abnormal in spirits; Before she recovers the world, she shot out hysterically” “No more mutants!”

BTW, in the movie we can see clearly that Vision and Scarlet Witch actually have some feelings to each other, pretty sure lots of people like me want to see some romance happened between them , unfortunately, not , as there isn’t much room for romance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. has got the Scarlet Witch Wanda’s cosplay costumes in Captain america Civil War, you can check here if it is exactly the same as the the Scarlet Witch Wada’s wear in the movie