Live the Life of the Highly Popular Ryuko Matoi Cosplay with Anime Costumes



Have you watched the fabulous series KILL la KILL ? Do you like the characters of the series? Do those costumes fascinate you? If the answer to above questions is yes, you will definitely be intrigued in getting into the detail of the lives of the characters and how their story works. One of the highly popular characters of KILL la KILL is Ryuko Matoi. In the literal meanings, Ryuko Mitai means an abandoned child, however, at some places, it also means ‘Hero’. In the anime series, Ryuko Mitai is blessed with several supernatural powers including extraordinary speed, strength, and abilities that are not common in common people. She is a brave and dedicated girl who wants to achieve everything she wants without any fear and hesitation.

Ryuko Matoi is an important character without whom the purpose of the anime series would be incompleted. This character is idolized by millions of children around the world due to her commitment and dedication. If your child is also in love with this character, you would definitely be intrigued in getting them the famous anime costumes of Ryuko Matoi Cosplay.


The full costume can be purchased in four parts: the dress, the shoes, the iconic hair wig, and the weapon. These anime costumes are ideal for theme parties, school shows, and other birthday parties. Even if you are having a fancy dress show, you can get this costume to flaunt the iconic character of Ryuko Matoi Cosplay.

The costume is made using the best quality material available. The dress is made with premium quality knitted fabric, leather, and uniform cloth. Minor detailing in the costumes is given special attention because these are the details that make or break the situation for a dress especially a costume.


The shoes are made in boot style exactly the same as Ryuko Matoi Cosplay wears in the series KILL la KILL. They are made with the finest quality of leather and are tested for durability. They may look exactly the same as in the series, but they are made to last longer and you can also practice the moves as Ryuko Matoi does.


The wig of the costume is also made with the best quality hair like threads. It is made in two colours and the red colour of the hair is the same as in the series. It is also very easy to maintain and wear. There is no need to brush it as it is set in the very same manner.


Cosplaysky is your one stop shop for all the costume needs. Here you can find all the anime costumes of KILL la KILL Cosplay and other series as well. If you want to know more, feel free to contact us and we would love to answer all your queries.

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