Anime Re:Zero Life in a Different World from Zero–Rem’s Cosplay


The very popular Japanese cartoons of today are Re:Zero Life in a Different World from Zero and are viewed widely. It is about the Subaru Natsuki a boy who is mostly isolated and then is summoned to another life one day. When he comes back, he realizes that he has the ability to reverse time by dying. While the cartoon and the story line have become very famous, so have its characters including the major roles like Subaru Natsuki, Emilia, Rem, Ram and Puck.
Rem is one of the renowned characters from the series and one of the twin demons who serves as a maid. From both the sister’s Rem has a full horn that gives her magical powers. Rem’s character has bagged the best character (female) award for the Newtype anime awards 2016 and the best girl award in the Anime Awards 2016. One of the most highlighted things about Rem’s character has been her costume. As the character rose to fame so did he demand for the Rem Cosplay which is made up of some very basic clothing and accessories. Click to know more about Rem’s Cosplay

Rem’s Dress

This anime costume is made of plain black and white, uniform material. It is a more detailed version of a corset dress but the fitting is similar. The upper part of the dress which covers the stomach and the chest is white and it tightened by a black wrap around the waist, which three little bows to elaborate it. Whereas the rest of the fall is black with a white frilled and oval shaped apron like cloth to add the finishing touch. Moreover the back sleeves are worn separately and edges with white frill to compliment the rest of the outfit. Also, there is a white piece of cloth with wraps itself just below the neck like a bib and has a single black bow on it. The back on the other hand is very simple as the upper back is exposed while the wrap that is short from the front becomes comparatively bigger at the back, has a large white bow tie and almost hides the plain black fall of the dress. Rem’s Dress


Rem’s  Wig

One of the most eye catching things about this anime costume is the wig that goes with it. It’s a light blue wig which neatly encircles the head from the rear and from the front is big enough to cover one eye and most of the forehead. Rem’s Wig


Rem’s Headwear

Rem Cosplay also includes of a beautiful headgear which is a black hair band with white flowers all along with one pink flower made from a thick pink string. This headband can be used otherwise as well.

Rem’s Shoes

The final and the finishing part of Rem’s look are her shows which is a very decent pair of the contemporary black leather shoes. They are round toed which a thick sole and a very small heel. The pair is single strapped and has a buckle to tie it. Rem’s Shoes


Rem’s costume is a treat for any fan of Re: Zero life in a different world of Zero and is appropriate for a Halloween dress up or any fancy dress themed party.