About the Suicide Squad



Suicide Squad is a 2016 American superhero film based on the DC Comics antihero team of the same name, written and directed by the David Ayer, released in United States on August 5th 2016.

The film tells the story of a group of super-criminals members facing serious jail time, they work for the US government in order to reduce their punishment

The main characters featured in the movie are Will Smith, Jared Leto, Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, Jay Hernandez, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Ike Barinholtz, Scott Eastwoodand Cara Delevingne..

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn is the Joker’s frequent accomplice and lover, whom she met while working as a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, where the Joker was a patient. Her name is a play on the name “Harlequin”, a character which originated in the commedia dell’arte.

Jared Leto as Joker


A very smart super-criminals with a psychopathic supervillain which is also featured him as a charming guy, His has very elusive thoughts and personality , which contributes him to the first opponent of the batman,  also he was the one who compete several times against Batman,

The character’s tattoos were added by Ayer, who considered it gave a modernised gangster look to Joker.

Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag


West Point graduate and Army special forces officer who leads the Suicide Squad in the field. He is all business and executes Amanda Waller’s orders but does not always agree with her goals or methods. Tom Hardy was previously cast in the role but was forced to drop out because of scheduling conflicts

Will Smith as Floyd Lawton / Deadshot


Floyd Lawton, better known as Deadshot, was a gun for hire, and known to be the second most lethal assassin in all of DC Comics.

Deadshot is a hired assassin, regularly boasting to “never miss.” He is capable of using a large variety of weapons, but prefers using a pair of silenced, wrist-mounted guns. He initially appeared in Gotham City as a new crimefighter, but was revealed to be an enemy of Batman when he attempted to replace the Dark Knight.

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Waylon Jones / Killer Croc


Becoming the monster like alligator because of participating the genetic modification experiments in the military, he has higher strength and power as well as fangs and claws than normal, Actually he was a headache of the organisation later , though he has superior fighting power, but he was grumpy, wild and hard to tame.

Jay Hernandez as Chato Santana / El Diablo


A former Los Angeles gang member who has powers that allow him to summon flames. He has squelched his fire-conjuring powers to a solitary flame as penance for the horrors he inflicted on those he loved. Hernandez set his character apart from his teammates as he “just wants to stay out of the fight”, while “most of [the Squad members] are happy to get out there and kill people”.

This blog is only a brief introduction of the film Suicide Squad,  do not hesitate to take a visit to the cinema for the film,

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All we know about Star Wars Episode VIII

Star Wars Episode VII marked the return of the franchise to the big screen after more than a decade of silence. It was a great moment, filled with tears and many expectations. It’s safe to note that the Star Wars Episode VIII has a massive set of shoes to fill and even if we don’t really know that much about the episode thus far, people do expect a lot of stuff from it. Obviously, expectations need to be realistic but we have to say that based on the previous episode, this one is shaping up to be quite an interesting and fun one to begin with.


The director for Star Wars Episode VIII is Rian Johnson. He created movies like Looper, Brick and The Brothers Bloom but this is his first blockbuster. He does know the type of expectations people have from the movie and he is trying to do his best to fulfill them. It’s a hard task for sure but one that has to be done as the sci-fi epic gathers millions upon millions in front of the theatre.

The story

The last episode didn’t really seem to offer a satisfying ending. What we got was an open ended experience that will definitely have a lot of repercussions in the future. It’s also safe to note that the movie will start with the ending scene from the previous episode, but from there onward everything seems to be open ended. It’s hard to see how and where will everything will go, but one thing is certain, the experience is set to be a very interesting and immersive one so wherever it ends up going, it will surely bring in front some cool moments.

The leaks on the set didn’t make it that easy to understand either, aside from a look at a few aliens you don’t really know what is going to happen and that on its own comes with a variety of challenges for sure. The story of the first one was also tightly kept under wraps and that’s what made many people angry but in the end it was a very good and exciting movie with a lot of fun and excitement brought into it.

Rey is one of the characters that many people are wondering about right now. Her back story is uncertain and while many speculate that she is the daughter of Skywalker, she might even be a relative of Obi Wan or who knows the real reason here. We saw her be very good with the balance of the force, much better than Kylo Ren which was very powerful to begin with so we will most likely see a training on the dark side and the light side.

Finn’s last sequence in Star Wars Episode VII wasn’t really the most encouraging, but we do know that the hero will not have a problem coming back and maybe exploring new adventures and have fun with that. Poe Dameron will most likely have the same experience here. We don’t really know the stories of any of the characters so everything will end up being open for discussion.

Also, people are trying to figure out what really happened with Luke Skywalker and how this will affect the entire plot. What we do know for now is that he ended up disappointed after trying to train Ben Solo which ended up being corrupted. The road for Luke was filled with emotions and we can expect even more emotions as we go into this for sure.

Leia was crushed by the fact that Han Solo died and we might see the reminiscence of that particular arc. We might even see her face Kylo Ren, but this is most probably left for the last movie in the trilogy, although where do we go from there is definitely open up for speculation. Leia will surely have a very important role in the future and how much will she be able to change or shape the rebellion is surely up for discussion. She will most likely work with Chewbacca which remained without his old friend Han at the end of the movie.

Benicio del Toro was hired to be the bad guy here but there are no specific ideas in regards to who will he play, although we are open for quite a lot of speculation. Some of the other characters that will appear in the movie will be Captain Phasma, General Hux and the Supreme Leader Snoke.

It’s hard to say where the movie will go to after the unique ending, but hopefully we will have a very unique and refined experience like we always did.

What do you think about Star Wars Episode VIII, what will it bring to the table? Wil it be a good one? Also, what do you think about the old movies:

  • What’s your favorite moment of The Empire Strikes Back?
  • What character from the old movies would you like to come back?
  • Did you like the prequels?
  • How do you think that the trilogy will end?

Leave a comment with the answer to these questions or any other thought about the movie!


Scarlet Witch Wanda in Captain America: Civil War


A lot of attention has been paid to all the fighting going on in Marvel’s newest film, Captain America: Civil War,  I have wrote a blog to review the film, As a female , today i ‘d like to say sth about the Scarlet Witch Wanda.

Scarlet Witch Wanda BiOgraphy


Scarlet Witch Wanda, her biographic mother is Maria Maximoff, the wife of Magneto, escapes from him while pregnant, for she thought he was mad after losing their first daughter. Maria Maximoff give birth to twins, Wanda and Pietro,The Elder God Chthon altered Wanda at birth and gave her the ability to use magic in addition to her mutant abilities, planning to use her as a vessel when her powers reached maturity. Fearing that Magnus would discover the children, Magda leaves the sanctuary after noting to the Bova and supposedly dies of exposure to the elements,The High Evolutionary places the twins instead in the care of the Romani Django and Marya Maximoff, they brought up them else where instead of some certain place, that they did not remember them until well into their adult lives.

Main Experience:

The Scarlet Witch Wanda and Quicksilver used to attend the Magneto’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants , but they felt disappointed for all the things Magneto have done, Soon after Magneto’s abduction, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch join the Avengers. Along with Captain America as leader, and former villain Hawkeye, the four become the second generation of the Avengers and are later dubbed as “Cap’s Kooky Quartet”.


The Scarlet Witch Wanda’s husband vision was a Robert, she wants to have a child, but obviously her husband as Robert are unable help her.

Wanda in despair twisted her desire of happiness in subconscious into fantasy, she actually conceived the children using magic.

It was extremely dangerous for other Avengers when the abnormal psychological fluctuations happened in the Omega-level mutant, the avengers got out of control because of unable to locate the spirit of interference from Wanda.

Wanda’s first spirit breakdown led to the dissolution of the Avengers directly ,

Ant-man, Hawkeye and vision have died in the accident, the second breakdown turned the whole world into utopia, the direct result was the mutant population plummeted from one million to 182 people.

As a female, Wanda is weak, all she wanted was a normal family. But as a mutant, his ability was not getting from the Savvy, she would hurt the innocents for sure one getting abnormal in spirits; Before she recovers the world, she shot out hysterically” “No more mutants!”

BTW, in the movie we can see clearly that Vision and Scarlet Witch actually have some feelings to each other, pretty sure lots of people like me want to see some romance happened between them , unfortunately, not , as there isn’t much room for romance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Review for the Film Civil War


what do you think of When you think of a superhero movie ? I think of admirable heroes, breath taking stunts, witty one liners and suits that would be totally impractical in real life but are unbelievably cool. Captain America:Civil War ticks all these boxes, and more!

Since I was old enough to decide what my favorite color was, I’ve been a huge Marvel fan. Growing up I was surrounded by comics and action figures so i’ll admit, with all the hype surrounding Civil War I had my reservations but I was more than proven wrong.


Without giving away any spoilers, I think the story-line was well written to say the least. The plot was well explained and not in any way vague or over complicated, it guided the viewer through the events in a way that encouraged them to pick a side and become involved. (Personally, i’m team Iron-Man!) The film is crammed with humor,tension and fight scenes that would make any Marvel fan’s heart beat that little bit faster. I’ve found that in some superhero films there’s either too much action or too many wisecracks, Marvel have managed to find that sweet spot where the balance is just right and it keeps the story rolling at a pace everyone can keep up with.


Spider-Man was reintroduced into cinematic universe at the perfect time, he fitted into the film well and Civil War has laid the path for some amazing Spidery films to come. I believe I speak for most people when I say it was impossible not to smile when he appeared in his new, comic inspired suit for the first time in the film. We were also reintroduced to some characters from previous films who before we didn’t know much about besides the basics. After watching this film, I feel like we now know more about who each character is as a person and what makes them the heroes they are. Civil War has paved the way for what we can only anticipate be some astounding films as we come into Phase 3 of Marvel’s master plan.


I personally think that Captain America is MCU’s greatest achievement, the amount of detail in his story in unreal, making his trilogy one of the best I’ve seen and Civil War is the ultimate hero vs hero thriller that everyone should go and see. As a cosplayer movie accuracy is extremely important to me, especially when it comes to characters children look up to. Take Captain America for example, so many children want to be him and adore him, therefore the more accurate the costume the better and the most accurate i’ve been able to find is those made by CosplaySky. Their suits are closest you’re going to get to wearing Chris Evan’s actual costume. The amount of detail in the costumes is amazing, they are pretty much identical, right down to the buckle on the shoulder straps. If you’re looking for a screen accurate costume, I would highly recommend CosplaySky.

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Here’s Why Zootopia is Disney’s Most Groundbreaking Movie Ever!


At first glance it might seem that Zootopia is your regular garden-variety animated flick with a few laughs and “yay” moments for the kids. However, once you get into it you realize it might not only be this year’s best animated film so far, it sets a few new milestones for Disney as well. It’s not just for the kids, but holds messages for adults also. And, it is frigging entertaining at that. So, here goes, here are some reasons we are absolutely and irrevocably in love with Zootopia!

A badass female lead character  – some of us have grown up watching Disney movies that have told us stories about princesses who found their princes. Well, we’ve had great movies like Tangled which have also followed on the same lines. Along comes  rookie bunny police officer Judy Hopps, who is on her heels, crime fighting and trying to prove herself. But, the best thing about her- she is refreshing “prince-free”. She isn’t the damsel in distress who needs rescuing and that’s a change we are seeing over at Disney!

And other adorable characters  – The other characters are also interesting in their own rights. Be it fast-talking Nick Wilde, or attitude laden Chief Bogo and even Gazelle with her diva syndrome – each characters have been extremely well-etched.


It has an intelligent script – Let’s talk about the script. If you go deep enough, the movie might not just be a story but a take on very real issues. It talks about prejudices. But, it does it without compromising on being fun for the kiddies.

It’s packed with Easter eggs we love – Now, we don’t want to spoil it for you, so keep your eyes open the next time you re-watch the film. It’s buzzing with Easter eggs and references that makes your geek heart giggle. Yes, even one that probably hints at  a future Frozen movie.

The best voice casting one could ask for – Now can we talk about spot on voice casting? When else has a voice cast been so perfect? Ginnifer Goodwin perfectly brings to life Judy Hopps and Jason Bateman adds the perfect amount of snazzy to Nick Wilde. And, Shakira’s Gazelle totally reminds us of her. We can hardly imagine other voice actors being cast for any of the characters.


It reaches out to the furry community –  Yes, he furry community is finally being recognized. The marketing for the movie is totally aimed at them – definitely a first for Disney.

It’s cosplayer’s paradise – So many amazing characters definitely mean a party for cosplayers. It seems as though Disney has even thought of the cosplay community in some way. No wonder, it’s a hot favorite at conventions this year.

It’s long for a Disney film, but who’s complaining? – For a Disney film or an animated film, it’s pretty long at 108 minutes. But, seriously we don’t mind at all, because there is not one dull moment in this action-packed flick!


Deadpool Movie Review

A super-funny satirical take in the superhero genre and a motor-mouth wisecracking anti-hero, Deadpool is a near-perfect cinematic experience! 


Right from the get-go we know that Wade Wilson is not our average garden variety super hero – he’s blatant with a twisted sense of humor. Deadpool is a movie that is set to take a dig at all superhero films with its tongue in cheek humor and as soon as the curtains lift, we know it takes its “un-serious” identity very seriously. You never know when you’ll get to see another opening scene of similar level of genius as “Angel of the Morning” playing to rolling credits as superhero clichés against a slo-mo gunshot scene next, so you might as well convince yourself that this is going to be epic! We are told a “Hot Chick” and a “British Villain” are in order – like every freaking superhero flick.


So here’s how the plot goes – Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is an ex-mercenary who currently runs errands and takes down goons for a price. He meets Vanessa and the two have a whirlwind romance, till Wilson discovers he has a swiftly spreading cancer. Determined to keep Vanessa out of his worries, Wade volunteers for a rogue experiment that is supposed to treat his cancer and give him superpowers. However, the experiment goes awry when he discovers that the rogue team is set to create super slaves and are unperturbed by their patient’s sufferings. Deformed and scarred after his survival, Wilson takes on the avatar of “Deadpool” as he sets out to seek revenge on Ajax (Ed Skrien) who is primarily responsible for his plight!

With the big scale promotions that the movie had undertaken, and Ryan Reynolds being practically everywhere (be it TV shows or Comic Cons) with his Deadpool mode on – the movie definitely has a lot of expectations riding on it. Especially fans of the comic book series have been intently watching out for it with a certain amount of skepticism that whether or not it will indeed be able to do justice to its source. But, instead of opting for a linear origin story, Deadpool surpasses every expectation with its non-linear timeline and unapologetic approach. It embraces its R rating and doesn’t hold back at any point- neither with the bloodbath nor with the adult humor.


The side characters have been developed strongly as well. X-Men members Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus pitching in to help our hero and not-so-subtle references to Wolverine, establishes the Marvel connection. And, the frequent 90s music inside jokes will definitely make the 90s babies happy! Basically, this movie has something lined up for everyone and 108 minutes of pure edge of your seat humor and action.


We can’t wait for the franchise to catch on after this epic origin story. Deadpool is a sure addition to the superhero obsessions this year – we should be convinced by now that the Deadpool addiction is hard to die down anytime soon. Get your own Deadpool costume at www.cosplaysky.co.uk and join in on the bandwagon before the next Deadpool movie hits the screens!


Top 2016 Movie Characters to Consider In Your Cosplay Plans

With so many upcoming movies in 2016, it’s rather hard to catch up and make costumes for all the characters that we are eyeing.

If you want to cos a certain character from a movie,then you better plan   early and start gathering all the materials for your cosplay costumes .

To give you an idea about the hype of superhero movies in 2016, here are some of the movies which will be released this year and their protagonists ..

1. Deadpool – February 12, 2016


Ryan Reynolds will be reprising his role as Deadpool in his own movie. The Merc with a Mouth is definitely going to be a cosplay favorite this year.

Deadpool is a great character, though he may not be really tagged as a hero since he is more of an anti-hero and has his own agendas. Deadpool is witty, sarcastic yet deadly once he puts on his mask and is a force to reckon with.

2.Doctor Strange – November 4, 2016

Doctor Strange

Who better to play the role of surgeon turned sorcerer than Benedict Cumberbatch? Doctor Strange follows the Sorcerer Supreme, he used to be an egotistical surgeon who was given a second shot at life when a sorcerer saves him and trains him. Now he is a sorcerer dedicated to fight and rid the world of evil.

 3.Captain America: Civil War – May 6, 2016

Captain America

What happens when our superheroes are divided due to a certain law? That’s what will start the feud between Captain America (Chris Evans) and Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr), how will it end? We hope to see good fight scenes from America’s favorite hero and the genius philanthropist.

4. Batman VS Superman – March 25, 2016


This will be like an epic battle between two heroes, Batman VS Superman – who would win in the end? Aside from Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman will also be starring in the film. This would then be the start for the Justice League movies.

5.X-Men: Apocalypse – May 27, 2016

X men

Apocalypse, just the name can bring shivers to anyone – it means the end of the world. The X Men will come face to face with their strongest enemy yet, the immortal Apocalypse. The younger versions of our favorite X-Men such as Professor X (James McAvoy), Magneto (Michael Fassbender), Jean Grey (Sophie Turner), Cyclops (Tye Sheridan), Storm (Alexandra Shipp), Beast (Nicholas Hoult) and Gambit (Channing Tatum) will be battling against the odds. We also get to see Jennifer Lawrence once more as the sultry deceptive shape-shifting villain Mystique.

6.Gambit – October 7, 2016


Just like Ryan Reynolds who was all hyped up about his role as Deadpool, it was the same way for Channing Tatum when he was chosen to play the role of Gambit. There has been little information leaked about this movie so all we can do is wait.

7.Suicide Squad – August 5, 2016


Now this is a really interesting movie since the main “protagonists” are not heroes but the villains rather. Task Force X also known as the Suicide Squad is formed by a team of super villains to take on high risk tasks for the United Stated government. Jared Leto as the Joker is something that I personally look forward to watching.

Have you seen any of the trailers for these movies? If not then it’s never too late to check them out. Plan to cos any of these characters? Then get your creative juices, you still have lots of time left to prepare.  If you are planning to purchase high quality costumes  then CosplaySky UK has all that you need to complete your cosplay plans. Check out their website for detailed, high quality but affordable costumes => http:// CosplaySky.co.uk