Rise Kujikawa Persona 4


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Hi guys , today I’m going to do a review for Cosplay Sky UK . They sponsored my Rise Kujikawa cosplay but they sell costumes, wigs and accessories for cosplay and more over 😀 their store is very well stocked, especially for the costumes, and the quality of every item is really high; I also got a wig from them and I can guarantee you that all the products are amazing. The communication with the sponsor was super fast and they always answer me in a polite and helpful way, but I don’t know if the actual communication with the store is fast as the one I got with the sponsor 🙁

The package arrived without problems and in a short time ^^ Inside the shipping package the costume was protected by a regular sealed plastic bag. I have nothing in particular to say about this point.

The cosplay is perfect , it looks like the pictures shows in the website and is very detailed ! Also for what concern the embroidery and the school’s logo. I was quite concern about the skirt fabric, as you know Rise’s skirt has a pied de poul texture, so I was scared that the skirt could be make with a different pattern or a low quality fabric, but when the costume arrived I discovered that the skirt fabric was super lovely and with a perfect pied the poul texture ❤ I’m really happy because the cosplay respect the character uniform in every single detail and the sites images show faithfully the costume .

The costume parts are :

  • a white turtleneck shirt

  • the black uniform shirt

  • the skirt, a yellow tie/ribbon.

The dress arrived also with a pair of black stockings included, but they kept falling off so I used a pair of kneesocks I already have.

When you order your costume you can choose between  pre-established  size or a costume made costume, create to order with your body measurements 😀 this is a very useful option, and the costume will fit you perfectly.

Actually mine was a little bit too large on the black shirt so I think in future I’m going to fix it a bit ( but it’s not a great problem ). In future I think I’ll change the yellow ribbon fabric and I’ll sew a new one, this because the fabric used is super shiny and satined and I prefere a more matt look ( but this is just my personal taste and maybe this thing doesn’t bother you too much )

I’m really happy and satisfied of this costume, I wanted to cosplay Rise for so long and they gave me the opportunity to wear a lovely and detailed uniform ! I really recommend you to visit Cosplaysky UK ‘s store because you can find a lot of interesting cosplay stuff and very high quality products  😀 I have a really nice experience with them and I hope to collaborate again with them in future

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you can find Rise cosplay here